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It’s time to do away with manual entry, coding, annotating, configurations


Automated Accounting is now Autonomous. 

Take your AP and AR processes to the next level in automation with Scrypt’s truly touchless AI data capture technology.



Why Scrypt?

Because No Human Is Perfect. See How We Stack Up Against Our Competition.
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Artificial intelligence that’s really smart

Data processing using artificial intelligence and machine learning still requires human intervention--for data entry, coding, writing rules, templating, approvals and more.

Until now. 

What was once merely automated is now autonomous with Scrypt. Our integrated payables and receivables platform revolutionizes the way you deal with data--or rather, the way you don’t deal with it. By simulating human thinking, Scrypt can read any document or image, then learn, discover and perform judgment-based tasks on its own.

Welcome to the future.

Artificial Intelligence That's Really Smart

Over $2 Billion Transactions Processed...And Counting!

Scrypt customers enjoy the most accurate and cost-effective way to automate AP and AR processing with revolutionary scale and extensibility.



Simplify Complex Processing


Integrated Payables
Universal invoice hub for end-to-end accounts payable.


Integrated Receivables
Automatic processing of checks and remittances all the way to deposit.


Integrated Payments

Smarter payments turn AP from a cost center into a profit center.

Take People Out of the process. 


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See Scrypt In Action


Scrypt Is SOC 1 Type 2 Certified

Our customers can be confident that we have the controls and auditing in place to maintain security, availability, and confidentiality of their data -- keeping it as secure as possible.





Increase Productivity

Decrease the time it takes to process an invoice from weeks to days and gain time for other value-added tasks.

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Reduce Manual Effort

Eliminate coding, templating and up-front annotations. Our data cognition technology learns from your historical data.

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Prevent Errors and Omissions

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Enhance Marketability

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Improve Service Delivery

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Seamlessly Integrated

Scrypt works effortlessly with your existing tools.


Take Your Invoice and Payables Process to the Next Level