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Scrypt Achieves SOC 1 Compliance Certification

Scrypt AI, the leader in AI data capture for AP, AR and intelligent B2B payments, announces the successful completion of its System and Organization Controls (SOC) 1 Type 1 Certification. The achievement reflects the company’s commitment to ensuring the security and privacy of their clients’ data. 

“With this SOC certification, our current and future customers can be confident that we have the controls and auditing in place to maintain the security, availability, and confidentiality of their data–safeguarding it at the highest level possible,” says Andy Vidan, CEO and Scrypt Co-Founder.

Scrypt’s SOC 1 Type 1 certification was achieved through an examination completed by Withum, a professional and independent third-party auditing firm, that determined that the standard for internal financial reporting set forth by The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) had been met.

It was important to Scrypt to take this leap forward allowing the company to further demonstrate its ability to provide a secure data environment. Scrypt’s leadership considers certification as critical to reinforcing the trust they’ve already built with their customers–underscoring that they’re more than able to securely handle the data of organizations in industries that are highly regulated, such as healthcare, insurance and banking.

About Scrypt

Scrypt’s integrated payables and receivables platform revolutionizes the way organizations deal with data. By simulating human thinking, Scrypt can read any document or image, then learn, discover and perform judgment-based tasks on its own. Learn more about Scrypt’s Integrated Payables and Receivables Platform by visiting